AboutNo Nukes More Hearts is a Tokyo-based Non Profit Organisation established in 2007.  We object to all nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel facilities, including reprocessing plants and demand that the administration’s energy policy moves towards denuclearization and therefore shift to a sustainable natural energy.  We strive to increase public awareness of the risks nuclear power created energy involves through organizing protests and marches, setting up an information booth at various events, and easy-to-read leaflets.  Our main focus is to promote an anti-nuclear movement in conjunction with a shift to using energy from sustainable natural resources. Our ethos is to say“No” to any kind of“nuclear” use in a manner that is calm, honest and informative.

Background of NO NUKES MORE HEARTSOn November 28th, 2019, 『1118 Hibiya-YAON Executive Committee 』was established in order to organize the rally「NO NUKES MORE HEARTS – Stop the Reprocessing Plants: an amount of plutonium equivalent to five cubes of sugar is able to annihilate Japan」. When the rally was over, the group allowed time so that each member could learn and grow independently.  Later the group came together again and started up a project titled『NO NUKES MORE HEARTS』.

Mission Statement

*Consider and observe problems posed by nuclear fuel production involving nuclear plants and reprocessing plants, and share the thoughts and findings with many people.

* To change the national policy on nuclear fuel production to one which promotes sustainable energy.

*Our aim is to urge the government to stop using any “nuclear” material, including nuclear weapons such as depleted uranium or atomic bombs

* To correct the misconception that there are two kinds of nuclear material used in creating energy and making weapons and raise awareness that they are in-fact the same material. Resulting in an anti-nuclear stance.


*Contribute the original design of  NO NUKES MORE HEARTS
*Plan and organize events and rallies
*Publish leaflets
*Run website and blogs/ Act as information portal

Structure of the organisation

The main members include President  Misao Redwolf and several office members.  When organizing an event, No Nuclear More Hearts may additionally recruit a planning committee.


Mail : info●nonukesmorehearts.org (Insert@instead of ●)
*Please contact via email
*As our office is located in a residential house and the phone number is private, we are using CNIC’s phone number as our contact phone number since 2020.


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